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The  Constitution:

                             ARTICLE  I:  
                   The name of this club shall be
                     The WEST REY Golf Club

                        ARTICLE  II:  
                A private, social, mens only, golf club
                         existing for the purpose of:
Playing the game of golf...
2.      Promoting good fellowship and sportsmanship...
   3.      Learning and practicing the rules, etiquette and
         true spirit of the game of golf.
Thus promoting it's highest standards...

                ARTICLE  III:  
        New Member applicants must be sponsored by 
         two (2) existing members, must be twenty-one
              (21) years of age or older, and have an
established index of 23.0 or lower.  
                      Applicants with no established
dex will be considered on an individual basis.  
         There will be a one (1) year probationary period. 
           New Members shall be added to the role upon
            receipt of paid Membership and Initiation fees.
                                  Only at that time,
          will they be entitled to all membership privileges.




a.      Directors should hear all complaints or charges
Members (must be submitted writing).  
No Director involved in any charge shall sit in
a hearing on such complaint or dispute...


b.      Directors shall exercise absolute discretion in the 
interpretation and enforcement of the By-Laws,
shall in every way safe-guard the
best interest of the C
lub and the game of golf...


c.      The Directors must meet at least one (1) time
each calender year. 
The President will arrange said meeting.  

      Additional meetings are to be held only
      when absolutely necessary...


d.      The Directors shall have entire control
and management 
of the affairs
and policy of the Club...


e.      Directors only are authorized and required to
collect monies (along with and any
accompanying forms connected with payment)
for any tournament, dues, fines, penalties, etc...


f.        Any  Director may call for a meeting
if said Director
is convinced it is necessary;
but, he must speak with at least two (2)
other Directors (who also agree a
meeting is necessary) concerning the problem,
before a meeting will be scheduled...



           MEMBERSHIP FEES  &  DUES:


a.       The amount charged for annual membership fees
and dues shall be decided upon by the Directors.


b.       Any member delinquent in fees or dues shall be
denied all 
privileges of  membership and shall
not be certified as a member of The Club for any
competitions held by other association


c.   Any members whose dues are not paid by the due

date of each calender year, will be dropped from

the membership roster on

December 31st without further notice.

Re-Instatement fee is an additional $25.


d.       Members who have attained the age of 70 or over,
and are not  working, are fully retired, (living on a
fixed income) are entitled to a $10. discount.


                      DRESS CODE:

All players must adhere to The Club Dress Code:

a.   No Jeans of any kind

b.  No Denim of any kind
c.  Burmuda length shorts are allowed:

No Cut-Offs

No Short Shorts

d.  Shirts must have a collar:

No T-Shirts

No Tank Tops 






      a.   All competitions shall be played under, and in

accordance with the Rules of Golf as approved by

      the United States Golf Association. 
The Local Rules 
at the golf course will apply 
      in most cases.
  It is best to ask before you start 
      your round.  Always read the local rules,
     generally they are outlined on the course
Read the scorecard.  You, the 
      are responsible for knowing the rules.
If you are not sure 
of a Rule either ask one of the
      Members of the Rules 
Committee or drop
      another ball, play both balls out,
ask for a ruling after the hole is completed,
      or the round is completed
      before you hand-in or post your score.


b.       All golf balls in play must have a positive
mark or marks.
(A golf ball with a logo only does not qualify).


c.   Slow Play will not be tolerated and is subject

to penalty and/or dis-qualification


d.       If you bring a guest to any tournament ;
you, the 
member, are responsible for
his actions, his behavior, 
and his adherence
to all Club rules and regulations.


e.   You are responsible for your completed scorecard
      to be turned immediately upon completion of your 
      tournament round.  This means before you go to

      the car to put your clubs away, change shoes, etc.

      If your scorecard is turned in late (more than 
      ten (10) minutes after completion of your round),
      you, (and your team in a team event), are subject
      to Dis-Qualification.  Another major reason for
      late scorecards is the scorers are not marking
      their score after each hole, they wait until the
      end of the round to fill in their scorecard. 
      Players who do either of these time consuming
      actions, hold up the whole scoring process,
      forcing everyone else to wait around for them.
      We all want to get the results as quickly as
      possible, and be on our way.
      These are selfish people, showing regard for
      no-one but themselves. 
      This behavior will not be tolerated.  
       It is just cause for dis-qualification.


                        HANDICAP SYSTEM:

The handicap system shall be determined by the Southern California Golf Association (SCGA), in accordance with the United States Golf  Association (USGA). 





        These By-Laws may be amended 
or suspended, without notice at any meeting
   of the Directors by a two-thirds (2/3) vote
                   of the Directors present.


Southern California's Oldest Traveling Country Club